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Know Before You Go

The Consortium

    AOPA, EAA, GAMA, NATA, NBAA and HAI developed the General Aviation Industry Recommended Best Business Practices. Other than our General Prices page, this is the "Know Before You Go" page for Arlin's Aircraft Service, Inc.

Landing Fees

    As mentioned on the General Prices page, Landing Fees are a pass-through fee. The FBO's on the airport collect the Landing Fee for the airport. The fees are based on the formula: All aircraft with a gross landing weight of 12,501 pounds or more, charged at $1.50 per 1,000 pounds gross landing weight or $25.00, which ever is greater.

Parking Fees

    Again, this is a pass-through fee for the airport. The following table is the basic rules (GLW = Gross Landing Weight).
GLW 0 - 15,000
GLW 15,001 - 29,999
GLW 30,000 - 59,999
GLW 60,000 - 99,999
GLW 100,000 +

Customs Fees

    Again, this is a pass-through fee for the airport. The following table is the basic rules (GLW = Gross Landing Weight).
GLW 0 - 4,800
GLW 4,801 - 8,500
GLW 8,501 - 12,500
GLW 12,501 - 30,000
GLW 30,001 +
Service outside Customs normal hours

The Exceptions

    Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. All U.S. Government, to include U.S. Military are exempt from Landing and Parking fees. Being on contract for the U.S. Government does not exempt you from paying the Landing or Parking Fees.

    Based aircraft, registered with the Gallatin Field Airport Authority pay a quarterly Parking Fee, and if applicable, pay the airport directly for Landing Fees.

    Transient aircraft, with a gross landing weight under 12,501 pounds, will pay a maximum of $50.00 for 60 "consecutive" days. If you plan a day trip and do not return until the next day, the 60 "consecutive" day count starts over.

Facility, Ramp and Handling Fees

    We are sorry to say, but Arlin's Aircraft Service, Inc. just loves their customers. For this, we do not charge a Ramp Usage Fee, nor do we charge a Facility Fee just to come in a use the restrooms. We don't even charge for helping to move luggage from aircraft to automobile and vice-versa.

Other Service Fees

    We do however, charge fees for other services. GPU, LAV Service, Potable Water, Oxygen, Hangar and Deice are just a few of the services we charge a fee for. These fees are based on aircraft type and amount of usage.